About DMS Holland

At the helm of DMS Holland are Arnold van Aken and Patrick Noor. Both Arnold and Patrick are experts in the field of motion control on board yachts. The collaboration between these two gentlemen and the founding of DMS Holland, follows each of their successful and established careers in the maritime industry. Arnold and Patrick are supported by a team of dedicated employees.


Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing within DMS Holland is led by Patrick Noor. Patrick started his career at the Naval Air Service where he also obtained his bachelor degree in electrical engineering. He gained technical sales experience in the fields of laboratory equipment and autonomous energy systems in the maritime industry. From 2006 to 2010, Patrick worked throughout Europe as a Sales Engineer for Naiad Dynamics specialising in the roll damping of yachts. Patrick is a maritime enthusiast through and through and this extends to his personal life. Together with his family, he spends as much time as possible on or around the water enjoying many a holiday and weekend on board their Valk Sport – one of the main reasons he knows first hand, the importance of good roll damping.


Projects, Development & Service

DMS Holland Projects, Development & Service is the engineering department of DMS Holland which focuses on product development, engineering, production and service and is led by Arnold van Aken. Arnold has a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering as well as General Management degree from the University of Nyenrode. Over a period of 6 years, he fulfilled various technical, commercial and management positions. Following a career change to the maritime industry in 2001 and he became General Manager of Koopnautic Holland. In 2008, Arnold made the decision to start his own business which he managed alongside a part-time association with Naiad Marine as European Service Manager and Service Engineer. Two years later in 2010, Arnold turned his attention full time to his own business focusing on various electrical consultancy projects on board super yachts.

At the end of 2011 Arnold founded a new company dedicated to the development of Antiroll – an innovative roll stabilization system for yachts in excess of 30 meters. The first years AntiRoll was represented exclusively and worldwide by DMS Holland. Since January 2015 AntiRoll is owned by DMS Holland.