Low Speed Stabilisers for motor boats and yachts up to 30 metres and speed between 3 and 12 knots.

The Magnus Master is the new generation rotor stabilizer. Advanced, high-end technology based on a universal law of nature: the Magnus effect. Discovered and documented by Heinrich Gustav Magnus.

MagnusMaster is a fully electrically driven, non-hydraulic roll damping system for yachts up to 30 metres based on the Magnus effect. Instead of traditional fins, the system uses rapidly rotating cylinders which, subject to the direction of rotation, generate an up or downward pressure.


The biggest advantage of a rotor system in comparison to a fin driven conventional system, is the greater roll damping at lower speeds. To achieve effective roll damping with fins it is necessary to reach a substantial speed through the water. This is partly due to the fact that often, the surface of the fins have been designed to be as small as possible to reduce the risk of damage. In shallow water, protruding fins are, in particular, very vulnerable.

MagnusMaster features retractable rotors, eliminating the risk of damage. The retracted rotors remain largely within the turbulent boundary layer of the vessel so that any resistance is negligible.

If the rotors are in use in the “Drive” position, they can protrude outside the hull of the ship. However, should the engine be put in to neutral, the rotors automatically retract. This prevents damage during maneuvering and berthing at quays, in locks and ports.

The rotors do not have any effect on the steering and therefore, unlike fin based systems, can be mounted at a position of choice. For the majority of yachts, this is likely to be dictated by the onboard available space for the compact electric motor. It is even possible to mount the rotor at the stern which, in particular for fast-moving yachts, may be preferable.


  • The new DMS rotor system is maintenance free:– The system does not have distribution belts– Maintenance-free bearings are used around the axes
  • The system is much more compact than simualar systems and the installation height is reduced
  • Manual operation is much more user friendly than simular systemsThe system has a very user friendly control system with extensive diagnostic capabilities
  • A colour touchscreen has been added
  • It has a robust communication system via CANbus system
  • Professional wiring and cabling, both internally and externallyIt features high quality digital sensors which can not be influenced by surrounding environmental factors
  • The current rotor positions are always visible
  • Remote access and / or monitoring is possible
  • Possibility of integration with onboard systems
  • Silent operation
  • Full electric drive
  • No hydraulics. No expensive, vulnerable hydraulic pumps, cylinders or high pressure lines and no risk of oil leaks on board.
  • Retractable (safe during transportation)High damping (also at low speed)
  • Compact and easy installation
  • No valuable loss of space on board
  • Higher momentum (better damping)
  • High static heel (best performance in following seas)
  • No steering effect (even transom mount is possible)
  • 3 term controller (angle- velocity-acceleration)
  • Easy to operate (park – drive)
  • Programmable response level

Magnus effect

Functioning of the MagnusMaster

System in action

Magnus Master

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Mark Bakker

Director Aquanaut

“Why do I usually recommend people to choose a MagnusMaster rotor system? The most important argument is that the rotors are retractable. On the one hand, that’s too bad because I had a good business in replacing fins. I obviously lost that. But the customers are grateful that I accept that. Another important argument is that it takes up relatively little space on board. And that it has an electric drive. That makes installation also possible on many refit boats. One other benefit that is more for the future, for boats that are being built now, is that it is a CAN bus system meaning we are also able to connect to the Raymarine screens we install. This enables you to then completely monitor the MagnusMaster system.”


Ton Breeweg

owner De Zwarte Ruiter

“I have already experienced a great deal of choppy water and waves with De Zwarte Ruiter. 2 weeks ago, during a weekend in Rotterdam, it was the Steam Power Event in Dordrecht and as a result, it was very busy on the water with speed boats, water taxis to / from Rotterdam and very choppy water. De Zwarte Ruiter was pretty keen to roll but she just couldn’t. It may well have cost money, but it’s worth it. My wife Cobie and I are of course very very happy with it. As I said from the beginning, it’s just like sailing on smooth tarmac.”


Mr Christaens

owner MY Blue Angel

“We then turned the stabilizers on and it was just incredible what I experienced. The boat just remained steady and really didn’t roll, not even with the waves. I couldn’t believe it at times. I honestly even sent Patrick a message in the evening; this is not normal, it is beyond our expectation.”


Auke van der Werff

owner Sturiër Yachts

“A big advantage of the system is that it is a maintenance-free system, there is no need for lubrication and so there a service is not required. The system is certainly simple to operate, it is easy for the customer to read-out and monitor. User friendly. It is a CAN-bus system which, because it has NMEA 2000, can also be read-out on vessels’ big screen.”


Mr Per Johanssons

owner MV Astra

“One of the major reasons among others to install the DMS system is that they have different lengths of hull bushings that can be installed on this type of vessel. Some yachts need small bushings. The ones that we have used are over 500 mm long and they were readily available. When we came to the point of making business they were already on the shelf so to say. Very fast, very efficient, very good people to work with.”