DMS All-in-One

Maximum stabilisation for high speed yachts at zero speed, cruising speed and high speed.


DMS Holland is adding the finishing touches to the innovative DMS All-in-One fin stabilisers.

DMS All-in-One is unique with nothing else on the market even coming close to its’ capabilities and versatility. It is currently being throughly tested by DMS Holland’s development department for performance, safety, user-friendliness, durability and quality. This innovation has been patented by DMS and the performance level makes the All-in-One a real game changer.


How the AntiRoll Stabilisation System works

From day one in the development of DMS All-in-One, the goal was to ensure that each mode of operation individually performs to the maximum without compromise to any of it’s other operational functions.

The three modes of operation in brief:

1. At zero speed, the fins make a flapping motion.

2. At cruising speed the fins rotate, just as with traditional fins, but the “high aspect” shape results in less resistance.

3. Stabilisation at high speed has been added. At higher speeds, the fins are fully folded behind the yacht’s transom. From here, the fins can trim the yacht as well as damping any rolling and swaying.

The fins can be easily retrofitted to the transom of the yacht making a positive contribution to the speed through trim while also reducing drag and fuel consumption.

When not moving

The fins will operate in flapping mode.


When at Cruising Speed

The fins rotate as traditional fins, but with much less drag due to the high aspect ratio fin shape.


When moving at High Speed

The fins will be completely retracted out of the water behind the ships’ transom. From there they can simultaneously perform trim, pitch and roll stabilisation.


The reveal of the DMS All-in-One

At the DMS Holland Experience Event in November 2023, a proof of concept of the new DMS All-in-One was revealed.