DMS Universal

Advanced operating system for all yachts with existing fin stabilisers


Often, it is the control system itself for a yacht’s existing fin stabilisers that no longer works properly due to malfunction, age or because parts are no longer available. And if the fins themselves and the mechanical / hydraulic part still all work well, with years of potential operation still left in them, it is a shame to opt for a completely new and expensive roll damping system.

The correct solution is then to replace the defect controller only with the DMS Universal. A modern, digital control system developed by DMS Holland that features the latest technology, such as a CAN bus system, a colour touch screen and an electronic multi-term controller equipped with ingenious stabilisation algorithms.

There is also an ‘advanced’ DMS Universal version available. In addition to the zero speed function, this also features a number of other special functionalities. For more information please call 085-2010095 or email us at

The system is durable and uses readily available industrial components for if unexpected service is required.

You retain your exisiting roll dampers and only replace the operating system that goes with them.

DMS Universal feedback sensor

DMS Universal servovalve

DMS Universal touchscreen



The solution for controlling our stabilization system

Karin & Åge Owners m/y Raymond du Puy

“While our stabiliser software was broken, but our fins were still as good as new, DMS brought the solution. After 1 year, life was smiling again. DMS Holland have the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to solve problems with stabilisers the very best. It’s a pleasure to recommend DMS Holland. They kept all their promises about function, price and time.”


m/y Il Sole

On this Benetti of 44 metres DMS Holland replaced the existing control system of the fin stabilisers with the DMS Universal. In general, the hydraulics and mechanical part of the installation still works fine. In most cases of malfunctions, the problem is to be sought in the control system. Often, the necessary parts are not available or are very difficult to obtain. The DMS Universal solves these problems with the most modern techniques, so your roll damping system will function reliably for years to come.
Benetti 44 m
Existing system Naiad 404 + FAL
Equipped with zerospeed


m/y Najade

Najade, a 28-metre Feadship built in 1966, was equipped with the DMS Universal control system in 2020. This state-of-the-art digital system replaced the obsolete control system of the existing stabilising fins, and was further expanded with zerospeed functionality.
Feadship 28m
Existing system Vosper 2M + gyro
Equipped with zerospeed for which an electric pump-motor combination was added


m/y Khalil

After a complete refit, m/y Kahlil was equipped with the DMS Universal operating system for the vinstabilisers. This 1974 Cammenga De Vries yacht is now fully prepared for the future as far as the vinstabilisation is concerned by this modern digital control system. Should there be a fault in the control system, it can be resolved quickly because easily available industrial components have been used.
Cammenga de Vries 19.8 m
Existing system: KNH 1522 + Omega
Not equipped with zerospeed


DMS Universal operating system replaces the old system on the m/y Secret Love

The m/y Secret Love had problems with the fin stabilisation system. After the installation of the DMS Universal, it is completely up-to-date again and the stabilisation system functions as before.
Amels 36 m
existing system FAL +3050 + 2×1,7m² fins
zerospeed added