News about DMS Holland Stabilisers

DMS Universal huge success!

DMS’ universal operating system is a resounding success! One of the advantages of the DMS Universal is its great versatility; it can be applied to any type and size of yacht with fin stabilisers. With a fin stabilisation system, the condition of the hardware often outlives that of the operating system. The problem is that…
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Why is MagnusMaster Ahead?

The stabilisation of boats is a technically complex issue. However, the specialists at DMS Holland know how to offer a good solution for most situations.For yachts up to approximately 30 metres, DMS Holland have developed an innovative system using the so-called Magnus effect. The Magnus effect is the name given to the physical phenomenon that…
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AntiRoll from DMS wins Maritime Innovation Award

Bosch Rexroth makes distinct contribution to energy-efficient hybrid drive. The AntiRoll from DMS is a roll stabilization system for 30-metre-plus ocean-going yachts. What makes AntiRoll unique is that the stabilization is highly effective both at sea and when moored, while the familiar disadvantages of comparable systems – significant drag in the water, leading to high…
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DMS Holland to debut at METS with two unique roll damping systems

Next month, DMS Holland will make their debut appearance at METS showcasing two unique roll damping systems, AntiRoll and RotorSwing, providing solutions for both the marine leisure and superyacht market sectors. AntiRoll is a roll damping system specifically designed for superyachts. Thanks to its unique, dual-axis fin stabilizer, which rotates whilst sailing and flaps at…
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MagnusMaster, the new generation stabilizers from DMS Holland, to be unveiled at METS

During the upcoming METS taking place from the 17th-19th November, DMS Holland will be unveiling the MagnusMaster on their stand 10.321. In 2012, DMS Holland started with two business operations. One as a distributor for RotorSwing Marine (RSM) to bring RotorSwing to the market and the other as the in-house developer and, in time, the…
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AntiRoll huge success on Santa Maria T at zero speed

Stable in seconds, from stumbling to strolling It all happened just off Corsica as the boat headed for Cannes Boat Show. Over the last few days, the zero speed functionality of the AntiRoll stabilization system has been put in to operation on board of Santa Maria T, a 37 metre trawler built by Van der…
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